Other Business near The Village at Bayers Road - Nsha Blood Collection Site, Fairview - Nova Scotia, Canada

  • Needham Pool and Recreation Centre

    Halifax, NS B3K 3N9, Canada
    Approx3.48 KM away to Fairviewand 2.38KM to current Business.

  • Hall Of Frame

    6301 Quinpool Rd, Halifax, NS B3L 1A4, Canada
    Approx3.47 KM away to Fairviewand 2.53KM to current Business.

    Phone (902) 423-6644
    Phone +1 902-423-6644
    Website http://secordgallery.com/
  • Devonshire Arena

    Halifax, NS B3K 3M3, Canada
    Approx3.46 KM away to Fairviewand 2.39KM to current Business.

  • St Mary's Lawn Bowling

    1641 Fairfield Rd, Halifax, NS B3H 2H7, Canada
    Approx3.35 KM away to Fairviewand 2.65KM to current Business.

    Phone (902) 421-7684
    Phone +1 902-421-7684
    Website http://stmaryslbc.webs.com/
  • Horseshoe Island Park

    West End, Halifax, NS, Canada
    Approx2.58 KM away to Fairviewand 1.98KM to current Business.

  • Flinn Park

    West End, Halifax, NS, Canada
    Approx2.55 KM away to Fairviewand 1.87KM to current Business.

  • Saunders Park

    Chebucto Rd, Halifax, NS, Canada
    Approx2.49 KM away to Fairviewand 1.61KM to current Business.

    Phone (902) 490-4000
    Phone +1 902-490-4000
    Website http://www.halifax.ca/
  • A L Arbic Consulting

    6071 Welsford St, Halifax, NS B3K 1G3, Canada
    Approx3.85 KM away to Fairviewand 2.81KM to current Business.

    Phone (902) 420-1683
    Phone +1 902-420-1683
    Website http://alarbic.ca/
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